Aircraft Hangars


Cold Rolled steel framed buildings make great light aircraft hangars. Our steel building airplane hangars offer fantastic economy for the light aircraft enthusiasts.

The calls we receive are from private aircraft owner, we find are generally are practical and have an engineering back ground. So the thought of buying a building that they can assemble themselves really appeals. Which can also save on considerable expense of employing an erection team. We also find this market sector, really appreciates the Engineering and Quality of our buildings compared to other cold rolled frames. Understand why our buildings completely raise the standard aircraft hangars.

Airplane hangar kits

For those that don’t have the time, the complete airplane hangar package can be put together by us so we can supply and install at your convenience. With a wide range of choice for design features our aircraft hangars are perfect for storing your airplane(s).

Our flexible system allows for our cost effective split roller door system or a standalone door system, like a Bi fold door. We are quite happy to work with your chosen aircraft hangar door supplier on your behalf.

The kit form nature of our buildings also removes access issues to remote areas or limited access sites. Most individual components on our buildings could be carried by two men, and or broken into smaller loads and transported on trailers or all terrain forklifts. The erection process off our frames for airplane hangars can often avoid the need for heavy plant.

Choose the look and feel from our range of aircraft hangars for sale by selecting the colour, cladding options and where the access doors will be situated. Our erection time for aircraft hangars is quick and effective allowing you to protect and store your aircraft in no time.

Speak to a member of our sales team for more information and guidance on aircraft hangars for sale.


Our bespoke airplane hangars are built to specification with today’s leading standard of manufactured materials. As to the above image we can tailor your needs for access doors to suit the wingspan of your airplane.