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Welcome to Advanced Steel Buildings

At we specialise in the design and supply of high quality cold rolled steel buildings conforming to British Standards.

The buildings can be up to 24 metres wide, of any length, with an height to eaves of up to 6 metres high. All are individually designed to meet your specifications and needs.
About us

Steel Buildings

The technological advancements in the cold rolled sections for steel erected buildings and laser cutting industries enable us to offer steel framed buildings with a remarkable strength to weight ratio, the benefits include:

  • Reduction in erection cost and construction time.
  • Reduction in the need for costly heavy lifting gear on site.
  • Reduction in cost of building when compared to the hot rolled ‘I’ beam alternative.
  • Faster manufacturing processes, from final design approval to delivery to site would be 3-4 weeks.

Cost Savings with a steel framed buildings

With all steel structures, a high percentage of the final cost comes from the raw material. With steel currently at close to £1000 per tonne, a reduction in up to 40% of the weight of the steel building gives a considerable saving when comparing cold rolled to the more traditional hot rolled option.

Further savings are made when one considers the hot rolled option is very labour intensive compared to the cold rolled solution, which is produced on a machine from CAM data files our software produces.

More savings are made on transportation; the average cold rolled build can be transported in kit form on one vehicle.

Our buildings can be erected on a site where there is very little access as all component parts can be manually carried.