Steel Framed buildings are built to your specification

Our robust steel framed buildings are produced using high quality bespoke CNC manufactured components designed and detailed specifically for your individual building requirements and its location.


Each item in our steel framed buildings, are uniquely marked on the components and its position is displayed on a general arrangement steelwork drawing. Our brackets have been specially designed to aid erection and ensure components are assembled correctly first time and fit to create a structure.

Having your steel structure (steel framed building) built in this way provides a longer lasting, durable building that can with stand today’s weather climate changes. All pieces of the structure are connected in a way that provides strength throughout unit.
Steel framed buildings are produced using pre galvanised cold formed steel frame sections and 5mm laser cut brackets. All of our metal frames are totally bolt together using 8.8 grade structural bolts. Providing a robust and effective steel framed building every time.

Choosing steel framed buildings

If you decide to choose a cold rolled steel framed building, you will not find a steel frame with the same level of accuracy, quality and overall value for money then the steel building offered by us.

If you would like to know more about our products and services please contact us or obtain a quote online. Our frames are manufactured from the highest quality standards and are highly durable.