Steel Building Prices

Steel Buildings have automated the pricing system, resulting in an impressive, fast and comprehensive steel building prices.

Steel Building prices can be affected by a number of things:


If your site location is near a coastal location, at high altitude, in a country location or in a high wind speed zone. These elements need to be taken into account during the design process of your building. If you want you’re building to last, these factors are important to consider. Hence the Steel Building request for your location postcode as we prepare your steel building prices. If you’re not being asked these questions you should question the steel building supplier.

Building Size

A major driver of the section size required to make your building work, is the clear span of the portal frame. The length is simply a multiple of bays, however the wider you need your steel building, the bigger the section required to meet the design criteria demand.

The high to eaves also has a high impact on the building design, the lower the height to eaves the lighter the steel section required.

Fire Boundary

Fire boundary conditions can also directly affect your steel building prices, based on part B fire regulations. You may need to consider fire boundaries, if they are applicable to your building. The steel building cladding solution will need to be considered and the design of the base cleats.

Cladding Type

Dependant on the end usage of your Steel building. You may need to consider different insulated panels to meet building control part L. The insulation required will depend upon a number of things, heating system, windows etc. Generally in a standard steel building for light industrial usage, it is quite easy to satisfy building control. We do have customer that over spec their steel building past building control requirements, simply to make the working environment even more comfortable or maximise the insulation values to keep energy costs at a minimum.

The best and one of the cheapest steel building prices option is a single Skin metal box profile claddings, moving up through insulated composite panels for general construction and then cold store panels offering total controlled temperatures.


Without stating the obvious, the more doors required will have an impact on your steel building prices. The Roller doors have size options, with single phase and 3 phase electric motors available. The personnel doors can be fitted with panic release fire furniture and vision panels.