Design a Steel Building

When considering your steel building project, there are a number of considerations:

Planning. On most occasions it is safe to say you will need to go through the process of planning. We have a network of people that can help you with this process.

Building Control. You will need to appoint a building control inspector. Either a private contractor or local authority inspector.

Consider the end usage of the steel building; the end usage will determine the type of external cladding system you will require.

Access in and out of the building, both for roller door positions and personnel door positions. How do those positions fit in relation to the road access of the site?

What operations will you performing in the steel Building? Have you left enough working height from floor level to underside of steel work? What minimum working area will you require between columns? This should all be clear before deciding on the design of a steel building.

Once you have a clear thought out plan of how your building is to be designed. We can begin the design process. will take the above information along with the site location and run the information through our automated design steel building software. The automated software will provide with the optimum design based on the size of your steel building and wind conditions in your location.

The design information is then processed through of estimating software, costing all components and doors. Resulting in a fast, efficient and economical quotation.

You can use our online quotation system, to help you design a steel building. Re pricing as many options and alternative as you need.