Partners of Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings believe its chosen suppliers are one of the most important elements of our business success. We have spent years developing our product, and our supply chain partners of steel buildings have formed part of that development team. This ensures that our knowledge base is up to date with new materials and manufacturing processes, thus allowing us to continually improve our offerings.

partners of steel buildings

Steel Buildings supply chain allows us to exceed our customer expectation, both for the service we offer and the end product that delivers 100% satisfaction.

Superb after sales service is a key goal to our business, we believe the customer should continue to receive a good experience long after the building has been delivered and installed. Our supply chain partners are flexible and always willing to help and assist in any way possible.

We only choose suppliers who can demonstrate continual development programs and capital investment to keep them as market leaders in the chosen market sector and core products.

Our supply partners know what we expect and know how serious we are about keeping our promises and maintaining our position as a market leader in quality and innovation.

Our supply chain is financially stable and, like ourselves, will be providing top class service for many years to come.

At Steel Buildings we also endeavour to keep the supply chain within a 30 mile radius of our collation point. This keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum and avoids the escalating fuel cost affecting the price of our product.

Receiving weekly deliveries from each of our suppliers ensures delivery to our customer is made on one load, quite unique in the steel construction industry as commonly other steel building manufacturers would have each element of materials arrive on separate deliveries.