About us

Steel Buildings are a business whose people have many years experience within the construction industry and a proven track record. Our network of resource through those years of experience is second to none.

That network of resource both internally and externally, has allowed steel Buildings to create a steel framed building that is robust, effective and competitive. Competitive not just in the paper quotation, but the whole process of efficiency of communication throughout the project and features we provide to improve erection speed.

We firmly believe that the steel buildings cold rolled frame is far superior in every way to its largest competitors.

We make every effort to ensure every element of the process is geared to provide a top class service and product.

We service a network of trade partners and also end clients, and encourage 360 degree feedback to help us all improve the product.

Our short and medium term goal is to increase market share based on commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction.

We have a continual re investment program, which will cement steel buildings position as the leading suppliers of cold rolled steel framed buildings for many years

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