Prefabricated Buildings design and supply high tensile steel, prefabricated buildings.

We offer prefabricated steel building solutions to the agricultural, industrial, commercial and domestic markets. Our cost effective designs and fast track build ability provide a more efficient and economic alternative. Traditional construction methods such as hot rolled steel, timber, masonry and concrete are just some of the materials we use.

The innovative design techniques we employ reduce any potential risk to the client through predictability and speed of programme. This in turn offers a quicker return on investment in comparison to traditional building methods.

Aided by our own sophisticated engineering software package, we have quickly become one of the market leaders in providing prefabricated steel buildings using a pioneering design process.

prefabricated buildings

Quality Assurance for prefabricated buildings

Our prefabricated cold formed steel sections, brackets and cladding are precision engineered products manufactured to tight tolerances. With complete component traceability, you can with confidence know that your prefabricated steel building is of the highest quality guaranteed.

Providing the client the essential reassurance that the building will meet the necessary regulations, not only at the time of installation but critically through its life experience in both design and manufacturing gives us an unmatched technical knowledge and expertise in all aspects of prefabricated steel construction.

At we are committed to advancing technology within the prefabricated steel building sector. Working in conjunction with leading experts and our supply chain, we continually refine and test new and existing prefabricated components of our buildings. This has enhanced our reputation for technical excellence and helped establish higher standards within our industry.