Steel Building Kits – Building a Steel Building


The beauty of building from a steel buildings kit is that it can meet the demands of an industrial building spec and also offer a solution for those that just want to buy a package from us.

Even if the customer doesn’t need an industrial specification building, you get one as standard with your kit supplied from us. Buying a kit from us you know you can place your order with confidence, that you’re getting absolute value for money.

As we cover all components within our steel building kits, collated and checked by Steel Buildings before it leaves. You only need to take one delivery, and then its only finding the time to start building a steel building with your steel building kit at your leisure.

We provide a detailed assembly manual along with a fully marked up general arrangement drawings that come inside our steel building kits.

A key advantage to the kits we offer, is all components are designed to fit in one place, our steel building development has removed the potential of a bracket being positioned in the wrong place, or a rafter handed incorrectly.

Our steel building kit bracing system, not only provides robust bolted bracing for the structure. But also aids the squaring of your building. As each brace is manufactured at a specific length based on your kit’s geometry.

Some cold rolled kit form buildings are screwed together, not only do we see that as inferior. But also if you’re not experienced in the assembly of such a building, it becomes very difficult to keep the building square. Quite often you do not realise until the straight edge of your cladding runs off at an angle along the steel frame you have just constructed.

We hope you enjoy assembling and building a steel building from one of the steel building kits, and remember if you get stuck or require assistance you can contact us at any time via our website. If you require more information about our steel building kits then please get in touch with our sales team.