Steel Structures

At our steel structures have very diverse uses. Our steel Structures can be used for small home workshop style buildings, right the way to large Industrial buildings offering manufacturing facilities or large open spaces for large scale storage buildings.

Metal Structures are a popular method of construction, as they offer economical build costs. Are flexible in design, robust, sustainable, with long life expectations benefiting from lower continual maintenance requirements.

Our products tend to work to tighter tolerance in manufacture, resulting in a more accurate construction process. Working with steel and it robust nature also provides wider options on external envelope finishes.

Versatility of Steel Structures

Our range of steel structures varies depending on your needs and the location. Below is a small selection of steel structures we have available.

  • Aircraft Hangars
    A lot of pilots and aircraft owners need to keep their aircraft secure and protected from the outside weather when not being used as this helps preserve the life and value. We also understand that keeping an aircraft under a roof (steel structure) will keep it secure and act as a natural deterrent. Visit our aircraft hangars page for more details.
  • Garage Buildings – vehicle storage
    Not everybody has pre-built garages on their home or by their workplace. Storing vehicles such as classic car collections inside a steel structure can help protect the contents for when your not around to do so. They also double up as great storage buildings when not in use and provide many positive uses.
  • Home workshops
    Need extra space to do your art or craftwork? With steel buildings they act as a second garage but can be personalised to your tastes by installing access doors for loading and offloading pieces of finished articles.
  • Retail and Commercial steel structures
    In retail and commercial industries we know that space is a primary concern. If you have yard space that is being unused then why not consider a steel structure to hold your contents within. Providing a dry indoor space can help you grow your business to the next level.

steel structures

Contact a member of our sales team to discuss in more about our steel structures in detail.