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Safety Boat Building in Surrey

Safety Boat BuildingWe successfully won an order to supply and install a pre galvanised Steel Framed Building to be used as a safety boat store building, for a busy sailing Club in Surrey.

The Building was a relatively simple structure. However the close proximity to the water, the varying ground levels around the building. Making the installation of the new Boat Building a little challenging.

As well as the natural obstructions, the area in which the new building was to be located was also the area all used to access the water. The sailing club is open 7 days a week, so in continual use.


Having considered the access, we produced a Method statement and risk assessments. That allowed safe installation for our site team, while minimising the impact of our works on the Sailing club Members.

The new Boat Building is 11 meters wide, 15 meters Long, 2.8 metres to Eaves. The external cladding system is a single skin none insulated metal box profile cladding. The building has a Googewing Grey roof and Olive Green Walls. 3 No Industrial Roller doors, galvanised finish 1.3 meters wide x 2.5 meters high. 1 No Personnel Access door, powder coated Olive Green.





boat steel building

Here is what Papercourt Sailing Club had to say:

“During 2014 Omega Steel Buildings provided a competent, and professional service from conception to completion. We were very happy with the process and are very happy with the end result. We are sure that we will enjoy these additional facilities for the storage of our safety boats for many years to come.” 

boat building