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Steel Building Storage in Leeds

steel building storage in leeds

We were asked by a client in Leeds to supply and install and new storage facility on land the customer had just purchased. The project went thoroughly well and to schedule with the help of have easy access to the land and the space to work with so we could get our machinery and tools in.

The steel building storage in Leeds provides a great solution for our clients and their needs. We wish them all the best for the future.


steel storage in leeds

Building Specification:

Width                                    20 metres

Length                                  18 metres

Height to Eaves                 4 metres

Cladding                               Metal Box profile cladding, non-insulated Single skin

Colour                                   Merlin Grey

Industrial roller doors     1 @ 3.5 mtrs wide, 3.7 mtrs high. Installed with 3 Phase Motor

PA Door                               1 Steel Security Powder coated personnel Access door.

steel framed storage uk