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The allure of agricultural steel buildings

Agricultural Steel Buildings

For many years, farmers have traditionally constructed barns, agricultural buildings and farm equipment storage using high quality woods. The entry of agricultural steel buildings into the building and construction sector has, however, slowly pushed carpentry into the backstage. As a matter of fact, steel buildings come with myriad advantages as compared to traditional wood construction. Some of the major advantages are as enumerated below:

Longer Lifespan:

It is a fact that steel structures normally have a longer lifespan in comparison to other construction materials. Wood, for instance, isn’t very durable and will start creaking after a few years as it is also very susceptible to termites and rot. Extreme weather conditions are also known to take a heavy toll on wood, and any continuous exposure to hot, cold and moist atmospheres also make it brittle and weak. As these conditions get more extreme, the damage caused to your wooden structure may be irreparable, and you might be called upon to rebuild your structure from scratch, something that you can easily avoid by using pre-fabricated steel buildings.

Fire Resistant:

The other advantage of steel-made agricultural structures is that they are very much resistant to fire. Remember that most agricultural buildings as well as barns are often used to store flammable items such as hay and dry crop, and the only way to protect them is to store them in a safe, fire-proof place. A steel building thus comes handy as they resist fire better than other materials like wood and tarpaulin.

Ease of Design and Functioning: Apart from the ready-made steel farm structures available in the market, companies can also design and custom make a structure to meet your specific needs. The other good thing with steel structures is that in case you would one day feel like expanding your building to fulfil your needs, then you would simply go for new structures and add to your building. Additionally, these buildings can offer efficient storage space for stashing of equipment and machinery, and since they are relatively easier to clean, they can serve the purpose of housing cattle and poultry.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Reasonable Cost: Though the initial cost for an agricultural steel building may be higher than that of a wooden building, over time the steel building will prove to be more cost effective. For a start, you might never have to replace your steel structure once you have installed it. Secondly, a steel building withstands all kind of weather conditions, and thus goes a long way in keeping your agricultural material, machinery and livestock safe.

Low maintenance: Just like any other metallic structure, agricultural steel buildings require very minimal maintenance. They don’t allow pests or bugs to enter besides keeping all roosting birds away. These buildings are therefore quite easy to clean as they don’t get marred with any animal wastes.

Mold and Mildew Resistant: The two things any farmer wouldn’t want to get to his crop and hay are mold and mildew. Steel resists toxic molds as well as mildew better than concrete, stone and wood.

These are just a few among the many benefits of using agricultural steel buildings, and so if you are a farmer or an investor in the agricultural sector, it would be of immense benefit to go in for a prefabricated agricultural steel building from steelbuildings.co.uk.