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Top 10 Famous Steel Constructions

Willis Sears Tower

Steel is indeed a valuable material to use in any building. In fact, steel is used in buildings of all kinds including a few famous ones from all around the world. Here’s a look at the top 10 famous steel constructions and how they show just why it’s a good idea to use a steel building in any place.

1. Willis (Sears) Tower

Willis Sears Tower

Image courtesy of www.allaboutskyscrapers.com

Chicago’s WillisTower, or the SearsTower as it used to be called, just might be the world’s most famous steel building. It was the world’s tallest building when it was constructed in the 1970s. The stability of the tower comes thanks to the way how several smaller installations are linked together to form one building. Steel barriers and supports are used to keep it all intact so it will not topple from high winds well into the tallest parts of the building.

2. Empire State Building

The EmpireStateBuilding in New York City was constructed in 1931 out of steel and continues to amaze people to this day. The Art Deco top shows just how well steel can be constructed and adjusted to come in different shapes.

3. Shun Hing Square Tower

The ShunHingSquareTower in Shenzen is another of the top 10 famous steel constructions to see. This tower is proof that it doesn’t take much to install a steel building in that about two to three floors were completed every week during the construction process.

4. Gateway Arch

St. Louis’ Gateway Arch is another steel construction that is designed with a strong internal support system. The rigid nature of steel makes it so it can stay in the shape that it has been in for nearly fifty years.

5. China world Trade Center III

The China World Trade Center III tower in Beijing is made with steel not only to keep it upright but to also make it easier to survive in the event of an earthquake. Steel is known for being capable of resisting the stress and pressure that can come with the force out of an earthquake.

6. New York Times Tower

The New York Times Tower in New York City is more than 300 metres in height and has a complete steel design to it. Steel was chosen for the building because it insulates well, thus making it easier for the computers and printing materials at the building to stay secure.

7. Taipei 101

The Taipei 101 Tower is a building that shows just how strong steel can be and how it can handle massive weights. The tower is a little more than 500 metres in height and even has a few stories built underground. It is capable of handling the massive weight that can come inside the building.

8. Brooklyn Bridge

New York City’s BrooklynBridge is a steel construction that is around 130 years old and has stayed intact for years thanks to the thick body of steel that it is made out of. The bridge’s metal is so thick that it took more than a decade to construct this bridge.

9. Seagram Building

Another of the top 10 famous constructions for people to check out is the SeagramBuilding in New York City. The modernist design and the use of symmetrical steel girders to keep the building intact is so well-arranged that many smaller office buildings have practically copied its design.

10. Robert Bruno Steel House

Robert Bruno’s Steel House in Ransom Canyon, Texas is the last famous steel construction to see. The intricate and ornate design of the Steel House and its many curves and slants make it a very interesting construction to see while in the area.