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Methods of Buildings like aircraft hangars in the UK

steel aircraft hangar picture

Methods of Building

Building methods are arrangements and material constituents used to bring up a structure we call a building. There are different types of building methods all over the world categorised according to the material and the design employed to build the structure. There is a high growth in building methods ranging from the ancient ones like masonry which has survived even with the current trends, use of sand, clay, granite which we call the earth buildings, cob structures, use of timber to the current ones like steel structures and structural insulated panels. According to the self-build guide website looking at the feasibility, personal needs and cost helps one be able to make a choice from wide range of construction methods.

Steel Aircraft Hangars in the United Kingdom

There are many methods of building in the United Kingdom like masonry but steel building is a modern construction method with quite a number of advantages over the other ancient methods. The steel buildings can either be commercial like the Aircraft hangars, industrial buildings and garages. There are a wide range of companies offering services for construction of steel structures in the United Kingdom for instance Steel buildings UK and Aircraft hangers.co.uk. We also manufactures aircraft hangars not only for the light aircrafts but also the heavy ones. Aircraft hangers are the like storage houses for aircrafts.

steel aircraft hangar picture

Advantages of Steel Buildings

Durability is one of the advantages of these steel structures, based on the duration of the warranty offered by most of the steel building construction companies like the General Steel Corporation which offers up to fifty years warranty (General steel corporation website) and other companies offering thirty years warranty, it is no doubt that steel structures are very durable.

Steel structures are also cost effective because the maintenance and repairs are minimal or not incurred at all for a very long time unlike other structures like the Earth rammed one which require a lot of care and maintenance from time to time

Manufacturing of these structures can be done in the company this is known as pre fabrication after which the structure is carried for erection at the customers site which saves on labour, time consumed and noise pollution.

Steel also protects the structures from fire and corrosion. Some of the steel structures built for aircraft hangars constructed are resistant to highly volatile and impulsive climates like Earthquakes, Tsunamis and hurricanes.

Steel can be reprocessed, re-arranged and recycled unlike brick structured buildings which break into non-redeemable pieces.
Steel buildings are also environment friendly because wastages are minimised; no spills and dust either.


Due to its resistance to volatile climates, fires and corrosion steel structures for aircraft hangars are the safest buildings currently in the world, and with the pre fabrication ability they can be easily transported all over the world for erection.