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Why Customers Choose Steel Buildings

Steel is used for the construction of many types of buildings and structures. From car parks to pre-fabricated home workshops they are made from durable steel because of its strength, value for money, and safety. They are typically easy to install and fit, having been accurately engineered off site first and they are cost effective thanks to their long life while being long lasting and highly resistant.

steel1Steel can be accurately measured and fitted. Timber and natural materials have a propensity to contract and expand, bend and even warp. This is especially true if they get too wet or are left to become dry. With steel frame buildings this is much less likely and the material retains its structural integrity for longer. Even after several years, the frame and therefore building will hold its original shape.

This integrity means that installation is also simpler and more accurate. Steel frames can be measured accurately to theĀ millimetreĀ and this allows for the construction of highly detailed plans. It also enables complex creations and it means that construction can be finished sooner and with greater efficiency. Construction and maintenance costs are typically lower for these very reasons.

When it comes to cost, steel is a desirable material. While it may cost more than some other materials initially, it is a more cost effective material in the long run. Where timber may become irreparably damaged due to bad weather or simply because of erosion this is not the case with a timber frame building. It will stay standing and stay strong for many years. Less maintenance, fewer repairs, and a longer life add up to greater long term investment.

When it comes to fire safety, timber and natural materials are not usually flame resistant. Additional measures will usually need to be taken to ensure that a wooden building is not prone to fire. A steel building will not catch fire and it does not require additional, costly flame retardant treatment either.

The metal material is not prone to the same fungi, termites, and rot that wood is prone to. This means that the steel frame will retain its integrity for longer. It will keep its shape and will not need repairing. The building will remain intact for longer and without the need for regular treatment too. With adequate grounding, it will also be less likely to be struck by lightning which offers yet more protection to people and property within the confines of the building itself.

Steel buildings will not buckle, bend, snap, or otherwise misshape. It also has a very high strength to weight ratio which means that you can enjoy all of these benefits without having to rely on a prohibitively heavy or ungainly building structure.

Although the material is rigid and sturdy, it is flexible in its use. Steel can be engineered to virtually any shape and dimension. This means that whether you require a steel aircraft hangar or garage you will be able to enjoy the exact design and features that you want from your high quality building.